Our School

Welcome to Princess Elizabeth Public School! 

Bell Times:

9:00 -- morning entry

10:40 - 11:30 --  first break 

1:10 - 1:50 -- second break 

3:30 -- dismissal

Please note that there is no yard supervision before 8:45am and after 3:45pm!


 Safe Entry and Dismissal
It is expected that all students will enter and exit the school building by the door designated by their classroom location.  Students should not enter by the front door with the exception of those students on special transportation vans or students who are arriving late.  At 3:30pm, all students will be dismissed via their regular class designated door. A reminder as well that students may not leave the school property during the second nutrition break.  We ask that parents who pick up their children continue to meet them on the tarmac area behind the school.  Parents arriving by car are reminded to observe the street signs and are encouraged to use side streets to park as parking is extremely limited at school.  Students are not dismissed out the front doors to meet waiting vehicles.  Our staff are working hard to foster independence and responsibility in our students.  We require that all parents wait outside the school for their children to be dismissed. This includes morning drop-off times as well.  This helps the children to get themselves ready, as well as relieve some of the congestion and noise in the hallways at bell times.  Parents are always welcome at Princess Elizabeth! All visitors inside the school must proceed to the office upon arrive, identify themselves, and sign in the visitor’s book so we know exactly who is in the building at all times.  If you wish to meet with a teacher, please request an interview so that a mutually agreeable time can be arranged. Thank you for your support in this matter!
 Help Keep Our Students Safe

We have well over 800 students attending Princess Elizabeth this year and 150 students are in Kindergarten.  Many of these young students require caregivers to both drop them off, and pick them up each day. As well, we have 9 school buses and several special education vans dropping off and picking up students each day.  To assist you with getting your child to school and home again safely, we would ask you to consider the following:

Please avoid:

  • Parking in “No Stopping” areas

  • Parking or stopping in the “Bus Zone”

  • Parking or stopping in the fire lanes

  • Parking in handicapped parking areas

  • Waiting in the staff parking lot until closer to the bell and letting students out in the parking lot


Please do:

  • Park in designated parking areas on nearby side streets

  • Use the crosswalks in front of the school when crossing the street

  • Watch for pedestrians who are using the crosswalks